I make handmade pipes as well....my real enjoyment.  I am particularly fond of making stack or chimney pipes as you'll see in the photos below. I start with the best Greek briar, painstakingly shape and finish with 3 applications of pure carnauba wax. For a quote on making a pipe for you,  email or call.  I'll be happy to make variations or duplicates of the shapes shown.  Prices tend to range from $150.00 to $200.00.  

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If you haven't yet tried a chimney pipe, you owe it to yourself to do so. I find them more flavorful in addition to giving a longer smoke.


stack #1    

stack # 1


Iron Horse stack #1

Iron Horse stack #1


Tulip Reform


Tulip Reform


Urn stack Urn Stack


Bent Egg Bent Egg
Billiard #1 Billiard #1


Elf Stack Elf Stack


Flared Tulip Flared Tulip


Goblet Stack Goblet Stack



Reform Waist Reform Waist


Small Goblet Small Goblet


Bent tulip Bent tulip


Iron Horse Stack #2 Iron Horse Stack #2