Turning a tapered military tenon on the lathe

Heavy Duty Stem turner for irregular shapes

(milling machine)


A major contributor to tongue bite or hot smoking is a shallow transition from the draft drilling  at the button end of the stem.  This causes the smoke to remain in a narrow cylindrical column as it exits the stem into your mouth.  There's not enough room for the moving column of smoke to spread out and slow down before it exits the stem.  The first drawing below shows a common condition.  The second drawing shows our remedy.  Lengthening the taper, or putting one in where one didn't exist, will allow a smoother airflow transition.

The problem -- no space for the draft air to expand

Remedy -- lengthen and smooth the taper from the draft drilling

Some examples of our more elaborate work-- A Savinelli stem rescued and taper retained, a Kriswill resurrected, a convertible churchwarden Savinelli and others 



Savinelli stem before



Savinelli stem after: Old stem turned off, new stem spliced

on with accent ring



Broken Kriswill before

Kriswill resurrected: broken area milled off, horn style

extension grafted on, new stem fitted


Extension and  new stem made for Savinelli full bent.

Makes a nice cool-smoking church warden.  We can do this for just about any pipe.  Extension designs variable, contact us for your desires.


Smoke it with or without the extension

Nice old Danish Jarl with churchwarden stem added with a nice accent/grip ring on stem

Another Kriswill with convertible extension stem

We repair/replace pipe stems, we make modified and enhanced pipe stems, create new stems and a whole lot more in the way of pipe repairs.

Need a new pipe stem? Want a different type of stem or an extension for a cooler smoke?   Have a cracked shank on your favorite pipe? Have a gurgler that you can’t fix? We’ve got a complete machine shop so we can do repairs and modifications many others can’t do.

Having a problem getting a Savinelli Dry system replaced or a tapered bit on some military mount? We can fit one up at a reasonable price

Want to fit a custom stem to improve or just spruce up the appearance of a pipe?

How about an extension shank or stem to turn any pipe into a churchwarden for a cooler smoke?

Want a military bit on your pipe so you can pull of the stem while it’s hot? We can install a shank extension and fit a military tapered push bit. You can still switch back to the original anytime by just pulling off the extension and pushing on your original bit.

When you have a catastrophe like breaking a piece out of the shank mortise, or snapping the shank, we can usually repair that. The pipe just needs to have a bit of shank length remaining in order to make a new mortise and add an extension. We can sometimes repair a shank snapped off at the bowl, it depends on how thick the bowl walls are. Consult with us and send a picture.

And of course we do the usual stem replacements to fit a close replacement to the original.

We’ll do Complete Pipe restorations on just about any briar.

If your pipe is gurgling too much, we can often help that by fitting a spacer in the mortise if there’s a gap, and by uniforming and smoothing the draft way.


How to get it done:  for basic stem replacement, send the pipe and a check for $26.00 to:


PO Box 160

Clifford, PA 18413 

If you want more complex work done, It's a bit more, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and describe the work you want, maybe include a picture of the pipe and I'll come up with a quote.  Call at 908-419-7560