Overview of Services:

  • Hand crafted briar pipes Hand made pipes created to order
  • Repair and Replacement of pipe stems
  • Enhance the appearance of your pipe with a custom designed stem
  • Stem and shank extensions (convertible churchwardens)
  • Savinelli stem repairs – we splice a new bit to your existing taper, saving the logo, less costly and less time than an OEM stem. Or, we can turn a complete new stem.
  • Military mount conversions
  • Improve and lengthen the taper of the bit end slot for better draw and less bite
  • Shank extensions to repair broken shanks
  • Shank banding for cracked shanks
  • Improve the draw on most pipes
  • Reduce gurgling
  • Complete pipe restorations and sterilizing
  • We have enough machinery to do just about any kind of stem you might want or need

How to get it done:  for basic stem replacement, send the pipe and a check for $26.00 to:


PO Box 160

Clifford, PA 18413 

If you want more complex work done, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and describe the work you want, maybe include a picture of the pipe and I'll come up with a quote.  Call at 908-419-7560